The Overlooked Sites Of Istanbul

In its long and rich history, Istanbul has served as the capital city of three noteworthy Kingdoms; yet the normal traveler spends a minor 3 days investigating this intriguing, tumultuous and regularly baffling city. Add one more day or two to your schedule, snatch a guide, and chase down a couple of Istanbul's ignored jewels. Far from the visit transports and group you'll find a totally diverse Istanbul that few ever take the time or push to investigate. You'll be happy you did.

Chora Church (Kariye Camii)

In the event that you are inspired by the mosaics in Haghia Sophia, don't miss the Chora Church. The Byzantine mosaics and frescoes in this eleventh century Church are viewed as the finest on the planet. The Mosaics delineate scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and Christ. The congregation was changed over into a mosque in the seventeenth century and it's presently a gallery, (so there's no requirement for ladies to stress over covering their heads here). Some agencies arrange istanbul city daily tours for their clients.

Open Thursday through Tuesday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Address: Kariye Camii Sokak, Edirnekapi.

Eyup Sultan

After Mecca, Medina, and Jeruselum, Eyup is a Noteworthy journey point for Muslims. The Prophet Mohammed's Leading figure, Eyup Ensari, is covered in the patio in a tomb secured in Iznik tiles. Under the Plane tree in the patio is the place sultans performed a service called "The Bracing of the Sword of Osman" as a major aspect of their initiation to the throne. This is a holy site, so it's best to be extremely conscious when going by, there will be gatherings of unwavering asking and requesting mediation, (so ladies will need to stress over covering their heads here).