Labor and Birth: Make It Easier With Ten Tricks of the Trade


Labor and delivery is different for every mom, but most agree that the more prepared you are with coping techniques, the more satisfying your experience will be when you can reduce pain in labor.

1) Breathing Techniques

Try to develop a regular rhythm of breathing that works for you during labor. Begin your contraction with a nice, deep cleansing belly breath and try to maintain your focus on your breath throughout the contraction.

Try not to hold your breath (a natural response to pain). Keep your lips loose, as this will remind you to keep the muscles in your face relaxed, too. For more information about home birth you can visit at




2) Keep Moving

Changing positions frequently will reduce pain in labor. Walking allows the pelvis to open and the baby to descend. Getting your body on hands and knees or lying on your side also encourages the baby to find an optimal position. Being upright allows gravity to take its course, and can help when pushing. Leaning forward keeps baby's head off of mom's spine, which is proven to reduce pain.

3) Reassess How You View Pain

Pain in labor is pain with a purpose. It is different than a sore tooth or an injury. Pain is a good sign that your body is working hard. Our natural reaction to pain is that something is very wrong but in this case, reminding yourself that the sensations you're feeling will bring your closer to meeting your baby may bring you great comfort.