How You Can Use EFT To Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Acrophobia is an irrational or extreme fear of heights. It belongs to a group of motion discomfort and specific phobias, called space. There is a secret technique which can help you to conquer your fear of heights.

You can even use this technique to overcome vertigo also! It's EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For more details on treatment of acrophobia, you may go through

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How EFT Help You?


Acrophobia was credited, to a traumatic experience including heights or conditioning, like other phobias. Should you are feeling afraid before, during or after 'going up'. EFT dissolve and will resolve the fear, anxiety or any other emotion that you may be feeling when thinking about matters that are higher.

Fear of Falling

Fear of a fear of loud noises and falling are the two anxieties that we're naturally born with. Although I believe that you can grow out of or train yourself suppress or to overwhelm these anxieties. I think they still exist even in case you have overcome them. Your fear of heights is a natural extension to an anxiety about falling. After all, if you did not like falling, why would you go up somewhere high? EFT gives you the ability to overwhelm your negative psychological responses to your fear of falling.

Terrified in Certain Scenarios

Being frightened of heights is very general. Perhaps your fear just shows up when you go up ladders, not when you climb the staircase. Regardless of when you are afraid. Any negative emotional response may be cleared using the EFT process.