The Cursr of the White Lighter

Getting high can make food tastes better, music sound better and legends seem more. Over years, many have informed of the curse of the white lighter, where prominent kept handed, 27-year-old music artists passed away from overdoses and were found with white BIC lighters.

The genesis of the curse being that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison were all habitual weed users had passed away from overdoses (clearly not cannabis), were kept handed and were having the said, infamous white Bic.

Over time, private cannabis aficionados attended forth with bad testimonies of bad ju-ju linked to the white Bic. Medication busts, bad overdoses and shakedowns all stemming from what seems such as a dastardly little bit of white plastic and some metal. To know more about lighters, you can also navigate to

The options and charters are real, however, the white bic legend is simply a farce. Hendrix (Barbituates) and Joplin (Heroin) perished in 1970 and Morrison, himself, overdosed on Heroin in 1971 preceding to Societe Bic producing the (to begin its kind) throw-away 'Cricket' in 1972 and starting the modern throw-away in 1973.

The closest thread to the fact the white lighter legend produces is that whenever Bic created the Cricket, it was one part and came up in two colors: dark-colored and white. Unlike the disposables of today, that have white bottoms among all colors, the initial dark model made the perfect tool to load up bowls as the white version revealed ash and residue, which would impede any investigation by police.