LASIK Eye Surgery Advantages And Disadvantages

Lasik eye laser surgery is one of the best ways to correct the vision problems. In Australia, more than 50,000 people are having the Lasik eye laser surgery and this happening because it has a good result.

 In Lasik surgery process, the doctor cuts across the cornea of the eye and raises a flap of tissue and carries out reshaping to correct vision. For more information like are there any risks or side effects in eye laser surgery, you can browse online.

Basically, Lasik surgery is used of people who has a short-sighted problem and also for who has astigmatism. People with strong lens prescriptions should avoid Lasik surgery because it is not suitable for them.

 As we know there no medical procedure without risks and even Lasik surgery has some advantages or disadvantages as well.

Advantages of LASIK laser eye surgery:

  • LASIK laser eye surgery has many Advantages, like:
  • It really works and it is proven to improve vision in most cases.
  • LASIK laser eye surgery has very little pain during the process.
  • LASIK laser eye surgery process is very less time taking and in this vision is corrected almost immediately or by the day after LASIK laser eye surgery. Click over here to get more data related to LASIK laser eye surgery.
  • After LASIK laser eye surgery there is no bandages or stitches are required and recovery is also very quick.
  • In most of the cases after Lasik surgery, most of the patients no longer need corrective eyewear.

There are some disadvantages:

  • Changes which are made to the cornea cannot be reversed after having LASIK laser eye surgery.
  • Corrections can only be made with the help of additional LASIK laser eye surgeries.
  • LASIK laser eye surgery is a complex procedure. Problems may occur when the doctor cuts the flap, which can permanently affect vision.
  •  LASIK laser eye surgical treatment can cause a loss of “best” vision with or without glasses at one year after the surgical procedure. Your best vision is the highest degree of vision that you attained while wearing your contacts or eyeglasses.