Yachting – A Shared Passion

Croatia is one of the major summer vacation destinations in Europe. With summer fast approaching, you can notice the final stages of preparations for summer season on every step you take.

When it comes to buying or leasing a yacht, the experience doesn’t start with the prospective buyer. It is the relationship between a shipyard and a luxury yacht broker that’s crucial. This is evident in the affiliation between the world-renowned Royal Huisman shipyard and Yachting Partners International, a well-established and thriving yacht brokerage. Hire a luxury Catamaran Charter Croatia for your awesome sailing vacations.

A shipyard is a place where yachts are built, refitted or repaired. Shipyards take great pride in building luxury yachts, which have a reputation for encompassing a soul of elegance and extravagance and a well-established shipyard will normally draw on their years of experience and have a thorough knowledge of the best ways and materials to use to build these vessels.

There are various functions shipyards can perform, including:

  • Refitting the vessel with fresh parts or additional extras.
  • The complete new construction of luxury yachts, from conception to the final product.
  • Exterior design focusing on the exterior of a yacht, this may mean new color scheme or merely adapting the facade of this vessel to match individual owners preferences.
  • Interior layout entails customizing the interior of the yacht with architectural elements in addition to adding extra amenities/facilities.
  • Repairs which have to be carried out on luxury yachts from time to time, very similar to the standard procedure of a car service. Repairs are also made to damaged vessels.

Potential buyers or agents of those luxury sailing yachts or power yachts have the opportunity to stipulate just what they want from the construct. Croatia sailing vacation packages are also available with sailing & fun.

Yacht brokers are the party that will have the most up-to-date and in depth knowledge of the vessels produced by the shipyard. Aside from this knowledge, they have insight into the kind of customer would be most suited to particular luxury yachts.