SEO and Search Engine Placement

As soon as search engines and websites began to work hand in hand, there have been Webmasters and SEO specialists that have used methods to obtain high search engine placements. In the very early days, this was relatively simple, such as stuffing websites with hidden keywords and text. However, search engines became more complex and they caught on to these tactics. Therefore the ranking techniques had to develop more sophisticated methods. You can also visit Search engine optimization corporation in Philippines, to know more about SEO.

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This is where major SE like Google, Yahoo and Bing began to look at customer satisfaction in order to establish where a website should be ranked in the results pages.

In short, for a website to rank high on search engines it must give the surfer, search or customer exactly what they are looking for. Therefore well written, informative and accurate content is an absolute must on a website. For example, if someone types into a search engine a phrase like ‘how does a computer work’ then an SE will return a list of websites that give a thorough and detailed explanation of this question. If your website cannot answer a search query, then no amount of sneaky SEO tricks will get it ranked highly on the results pages.

You may also have heard of backlinking. This is one of the next steps you should think about once you have good quality, relevant information site. Basically backlinking is the method of creating links to your site and various other sites. Imagine if you own a website that sells computer monitors, it would be very beneficial if you had links to your site from many other computer related websites.