Thyroid And Adrenal Tests

Thyroid Tests

Standard blood tests such as TSH, free T index, total T4 are the mainstay of conventional thyroid screening. Many holistic practitioners also evaluate the free circulating T4 and in particular free T3 to more finely assess hormone adequacy. Sometimes measuring “reverse” T3 is helpful in more unusual cases of “normal” levels but low function.
If an autoimmune condition is suspected, several studies may be ordered but in particular, TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibody) and thyroid autoantibodies may be helpful.

Hair mineral analysis frequently reveals high calcium to potassium ratio which suggests low thyroid. If you want to diagnose Thyroid then you can consult- Home – Lincoln Diagnostics, LLC.


Adrenal Tests

Blood levels of cortisol, DHEA-S and pregnenolone may be ordered. Urinary levels of cortisol likewise are common tests performed in a conventional medical setting.

Many holistic practitioners will also evaluate salivary levels of cortisol taken throughout the day to evaluate the total production as well as the expected fluctuations in cortisol output (high levels in the morning and low levels in the evening). Levels of DHEA and a chemical called 17-OH-progesterone are often evaluated to help understand the details of adrenal hormonal function/dysfunction.

Hair mineral analysis often reveals very low levels of sodium and potassium and/or low sodium to potassium ratio. A high ratio is often found in the early phases of adrenal dysfunction where stress levels are high and relatively sustained.