All About Isreal Tours

Tourists in Israel can choose from a wide range of Israel tours during their visit. The different types of conducted tours in Israel include Israel Holy land tour that will center around holy places of Israel. You can also visit to book travel tour packages.

Jewish heritage tour which will revolve around areas of Jewish importance, Israel Christian tour which will concentrate just on areas of Christian importance and Israel classic excursion which can take the tourists to just the well-known areas of Israel.


Besides these broad excursions, tourists may also opt to go to only particular areas of interest. Israel presents special tours committed just for these kinds of tourists. Well, famous tours of those types are Jerusalem tours which focus exclusively in areas in and around the holy city of Jerusalem, trips to the dead sea and to Masada.

Jerusalem is possibly the only city of the contemporary world that’s regarded as a sacred place by pilgrims of all the earliest monotheist religions of this world – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Jerusalem is home to shrines and monuments considered sacred by all of the three faiths.

The dead sea has been a favorite location for those tourists that wish to spend some relaxing time in Jerusalem. On account of the existence of a high degree of salt content from the sea, the ocean doesn’t encourage any aquatic life forms.