About List Cleaning Services

List cleanup is also referred to as email scrubbing, and it can be a procedure which scans your email advertising list for poor or invalid addresses.

Several online businesses provide listing cleaning solutions, but precision varies and is not 100%.

Within this guide, you will find out more about email listing cleaning solutions.

Things to Know

  • We don’t generally recommend list cleaning solutions since they cost money and are not always beneficial in solving listing issues.
  • When you register to get MailChimp, you consent to acquire approval from your contacts you intend to send email advertising to.
  • MailChimp shouldn’t be utilized as an inventory cleaning services.

Should I employ a listing cleaning service?

Although listing cleaning solutions are frequently utilized in the email advertising community, we rarely suggest them.

Most listing cleaning services don’t eliminate invalid addresses for you. They will notice which addresses are likely to be delivered and expect you to remove those addresses in the listing yourself.

Cleaning a list can address an obvious difficulty, such as rancid addresses, but it might hide larger problems with your listing collection and record management processes.

You will not find or resolve continuing record problems, such as abuse complaints, spam cubes, or blacklists, therefore it is not a suitable solution to additional delivery or compliance problems.