Easy Ways to Create Online Courses

An internet course is a set of educational email messages sent to subscribers. Adding an internet course to your present applications can have benefits for viewers, your customer and you. Better still, you may have the ability to make your online course (which is also known as หลักสูตรออนไลน์’ in the Thai language) readily from existing material.


  1. Convert a workbook

If your training program or convention already has a comprehensive handout or workbook, consider delivering it as an internet course (rather than giving it out to attendees at the workshop itself). The material is currently highly pertinent to the app, so it’s the perfect match for a follow-up course following the live workshop.

Needless to say, this might mean that you must supply a different handout in the workshop, but that might be only a cut-down form of the complete handout – which is simple to create.

  1. Summaries book chapters

In case you’ve put the work in writing a book, you’ve thought about organizing your material logically and delivering it in a suitable sequence. So it’s simple to create an internet course that delivers the content in the exact sections and sequence.

  1. Extract articles from a publication

In the example, your path provides a synopsis of your book. You may alter this slightly – and deliver more value – by sending more detailed material in each module. All you’ve got to do is identify chunks of this book it’s possible to extract as individual posts, and then send these posts as an internet course.