Go For The Crab Legs

Yes, they are the most important part of a crab. For those of us who want to go and eat this crustacean, anyway. The meat is found there and we all know that more meat means more happiness for those involved. To those who consume meat, that is. As for the people who chose to become vegetarian and vegan, your loss, pal. But no judging here, we are just going to talk about how much we all love food, especially seafood. After reading this, maybe you will have a go yourself at some crab legs in Las Vegas.

Imagine having a lot of cooked crabs all to yourself. No more dividing the legs with your siblings so you all could share. There is no need anymore since all of it will have to go to you. They are yours to consume all you want. It might get your hands all sticky and then there is the irksome job of having to break some shell to get to the meat.

But then again, those are just small sacrifices for a good meal. In no time, you will find yourself actually sick of crab meat because of all the legs you took for yourself and into your gully hole. Bet it was a fantastic meal, huh? It would go great with some side dishes too. What an awesome meal time you have there.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same opinion. There are two types of people who disagree with this. They are the ones who do not consume seafood because of preference and then there are those who are allergic to crab. Unfortunately, there also are some who belong in both categories.

Well, at least, they already dislike seafood, to begin with and they do not have to worry about getting some nasty allergic reaction later. Some of the reactions include an irritating amount of itching and scratching. Frankly, if that is the side effect after eating this, then it suddenly is not so worth it anymore.

This is clearly unfortunate since it has been said that seafood is likely the best in all the kinds out there. Now, it could have just been a biased opinion of someone who loved fish and other kinds of food from the sea, or it could have been from a legit opinion. It does not matter because what if you are the one who loved eating crabs but is allergic?

Now that just is extremely sad. Nothing is worse than not getting to eat what you love to eat. And what is worse, it is your body that is actually protesting against it. This is the rawest form of betrayal and you cannot tell us otherwise. It is exactly the same with people who love ice cream but are extremely lactose intolerant.

Just how unlucky can you be to get this? We feel bad for these people and offer our sincerest sympathies. Nothing is worse than not being able to do or eat what you love. On a happier note, at least they will not have to worry about the expensiveness of crabs and other kinds of  We all know how costly those are.

Still, who here loves to tear apart the shell of a crab leg? And then eat the white meat within? We know we do.