Buyers Guide for Surveillance Cameras

If you’re on the market for cameras for surveillance or security software, then you undoubtedly have been overwhelmed with the extensive selection available from online shops. How can you opt for a camera for surveillance? What camera attributes is important for safety?

Within this set of posts, I will review the crucial camera qualities you need to think about and what price you should expect to cover. I’ll also supply a brief collection of online tools and providers of surveillance cameras for safety.

Improvements in Security Camera Resolution Required that a Leap in Technology

For several years the resolution of video security cameras has been fixed on the movie quality of 480 scan lines per picture and 640 pixels per line, i.e. 640×480 pixels. For many programs that resolution was absolutely fine.

However, for security programs requiring a broad perspective, for example, retail shop surveillance, airport terminal safety, or parking lot surveillance, that settlement fell well short of that which was required to identify a defendant or translate a spectacle.

The evolution of solid state camera detector technologies (CCD & CMOS) and electronic readouts lifted the limitation on resolution. From the mid-1990s digital movie cameras with resolutions of one, two, as well as three thousand pixels (known as camera cameras) became accessible.

Megapixel cameras can capture massive scenes with adequate detail to eliminate the demand for electricity zoom optics and pan-tilt systems for several programs. This considerably lowered the price and increased the performance of little to average video security setups.