What Your Bail Bondsman Can Do For You

A bond can be used for many kinds of legalities, usually one assuring that something is performed to the letter as per the signed agreement between parties. A bail bondsman in Raleigh for instance uses bonds to assure a person arrested and imprisoned and set free on bail appears on appointed court hearings. Raleigh like any major city has need of these bonds.

They actually need a lot of these in the sense that the small fraction of incidents involving crime or legal violations, when seen as a percentage of total population, can run to thousands or hundreds every day. These incidents range from extreme traffic violations, to vagrancy, drunkenness and felonies.

There are still misdemeanors that can land you in the tank, usually the cells inside a police station in the district you are arrested in. But these may be too temporary and you can get released or have your freedom back in a matter of hours. The violations that get you jail time are the ones you have the bond processed for.

In fact this is a thing that helps you protect your rights as a citizen of the country. You are given every right to defend yourself for the violation you have supposedly committed. No one is judged as guilty before a trial process is done and thoroughly examines the facts, after which sentencing is given by a jury.

The judge who hears bail applications sits in judgment of the violation before sentencing. In this way he also helps protect your rights, although for a certain consideration that involves money. He sets the amount, depending on what you have supposed to have done, or have been arrested and accused for.

The amount therefore goes high up when violations go up to ladder of felonies or felonious seeming incidents or even major crime, under the most unfortunate circumstances. But you only get to pay a fraction of this amount through the bond. The bondsman guarantees the entire amount and processes your papers so you are set free.

Your fees here are only for the fraction of the bail money that the bondsman gives to court. And you usually are not asked to provide the bail amount itself nor even pay the fraction that the bondsman hands over to the court. Another thing is how you can only be set free for certain bailable offenses and if not, after appeal.

The appeal process takes longer, and usually done for a major crime. The bondsman or his legal rep and your attorney could all work together to appeal for bail. A crime of this sort will often be one that can get you years in prison if ever you are sentenced or judged guilty by the jury after trial.

Bonds do their job to keep the justice system working in equal measure for the accused and those who have complaints against them. The government serves both during trials or any process related to punishment or recompense. Bondsmen also help the system in this sense.