How to Find Out the Best Pure Cow Milk in the Market?

Pure milk is what everyone should consume in order to enjoy the innumerable health benefits. Previously, people believed that if the water is added to it then it becomes ‘impure.’ But that is not the only fact that brands milk as impure. In addition, the use of hormonal injection is another factor that gets it infected. Cows that are fed in a methodical manner on organic fodder and a healthy diet, which consists of vegetables and fruits, produce milk that is chemical free. The milk obtained from these cows is marked as pure.

Factors affecting the purity of Cow Milk:

Consumption of green ingredients by the milch cows – Cows should be fed with organic substances such as vegetables, green grass, etc. If they are provided with the freedom to roam on a stretch of vast green field and to graze on green pastures (not sprinkled with harmful pesticides), then it will have a great influence on the quality and the purity of the milk obtained. The quantity of milk produced is also high. You can visit to know more about Milk Sensor.

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Injecting of chemicals should be stopped – To increase the quantity of milk produced by the cows; they are injected with harmful hormones. As these are harmful to the cows and also have an adverse effect on the quality of milk, this practice of hormone injections must be banned. The milk obtained from such cows (injected with hormones) is harmful to the consumers.

Low bacterial count – In order to maintain good health, the milk which is consumed should be free from excessive bacteria count. The bacterial count in it should be below than 1000 CFU per ml, in order to make it safe for consumption. This is another important factor that proclaims the quality it.

Best Breed of Cows – The cows are supposed to be of good breeds if they produce an impressive quality of nutritious milk. Friesen cows, Gir cows, and Swiss Holstein cows are some of the best breeds of cows that are kept in dairy farms. As the purity of cow milk depends on a lot on such good breeds, many farms milch them to acquire all the benefits that one can find in it. Milk and its products of the above-mentioned cows have more health benefits.

Hygiene Control – Hygiene is one of the most important factors to be scrutinized when trying to label the milk as ‘pure.’ The dairy farms where the cows are kept must be kept clean. To obtain it in pure form, it is essential to follow the path of hygiene as it can affect its purity.