How to Do Successful Home Renovation?

The building, plumbing, and electrical codes may require all or part of your project will be done by a licensed trader, and sometimes the licenses required obtaining a permit. If the merchant is not licensed, a contractor may not be insured.

And if your contractor is not insured, it depends on the nature of the work; there is your home while he worked on it. If you want to know ‘how to clean the washing machine with vinegar’ (which is also known as ‘hur man tvättar tvättmaskinen med vinäger’ in the Swedish language) then you can search various online sources.

rengör tvättmaskinen med ättika

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The written agreement is less prone to miscommunication than verbal and much easier to enforce. Some of the points included in the contract which either is:

  1. The full job description, including all aspects of the job; demolition, renovation, reconstruction, and finishing.
  2. Material specifications, including make, model, numbers, colors, and sizes where applicable, and who is supplying what.
  3. Start and finish dates.
  4. Payment Schedule; 40/40/20 generally accepted.
  5. Permit, and who is responsible for getting them.
  6. Clean-up and removal of the garbage.
  7. On the behavior of the site.
  8. Change the order of clauses: Have changes to the original job specification in writing to the requirement that you “sign off” changes before the job is done.
  9. Arbitration: Agree on how disputes will be handled before the work begins.
  10. Contractor and the insurance policy number.

If you have been with your contractor carefully, and make adequate preparations, this part should be easy. The actual work should closely follow what is written into the contract, but you still need to monitor the ongoing projects, and in some cases, you will be asked to make additional decisions. There are often unforeseen difficulties, or you may just want to ask for a change as a result of work.