Microscope Types – Kids Microscope

There are several types of microscopes on the market and selecting the desired type is often not easy, because you need to know exactly the kind of observation. 

‘Microscope with USB Camera’ (Also known as ‘กล้องจุลทรรศน์พร้อมกล้อง USB‘ in the Thai language) are digital video devices, mounted on a light microscope and connected to the screen via a video cable or USB cable. It’s a very handy digital camera with a microscope trilocular.

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Some important microscopes:

A compound microscope is an optical device, which improves the image of the object and consists of several lenses, image building or a combination of the lens, is located near the object and to project the image in the eyepiece. A compound microscope is the most commonly used type of microscope.

Optical microscopy, light microscopy is also called, is a type of compound microscope, which uses a simple pair of lenses to improve images of small objects. 

Optical microscopy is the oldest and most easy to use and the type of microscope production. The type of microscope can be divided into a microscope monocular and binocular microscope depending on the method of observation.

A digital microscope is equipped with an electronic camera (on the basis of CCD or CMOS sensor), which is connected to the LCD screen or a personal computer. As a rule, no eyepieces for direct observation of the eye. You can install a camera on a microscope trilocular and thus turned into a “USB microscope”.

Fluorescent microscope (or epifluorescent microscope) – is a special type of light microscopy, where instead of the effect of reflection and absorption of light in the phenomenon of fluorescence or phosphorescence preparation used for observation.

Electron microscopy is one of the most complex and important types of microscopes, which can provide very high magnification. In the electron electronic microscope used to image the smallest details of the object. 

A stereo microscope, also called surgical microscope is equipped with two lenses and two eyepieces, allowing humans to see the products in the three-dimensional image.