Tips To Keep Your Tires In Good Condition

Driving carefully by not over accelerating, braking hard and sharp corning is the best way to extend the life of your tires. However, you can also get various repair services such as tire repairs and puncture repairs from West Ryde that are equipped with proper equipment.

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In the upcoming sections there is a full description to keep the tires in good condition:

Correct Tire Pressure:

Regularly check your tires that they are not under or over-inflated. Underinflation causes greater flexing of the rubber, increasing the operating temperature and reduce the life of the tire. Moreover, inflation also results in poor fuel economy. Improved rolling resistance makes the engine work harder and uses more fuel.

Balance And Alignment:

Every time your tires repaired or replaced is for assurance that they are properly balanced when remounted in your car. Otherwise, this will cause vibrations, increase tire wear, damage suspension and causing driver fatigue. Correct alignment of all the components is very necessary to work in harmony so as to achieve optimal performance.


Visual inspection once a month does not take long and it is important to keep your tires in a safe condition. Check the tread in depth. Most tires have a treadwear indicator built into them. When the height of the tread wears down to the height of the bar it’s time to replace your tires.


Do not take the risk of driving in the car with low tire pressure. Bring to a specialist who will provide a complete inspection of tires and make a decision whether it can be repaired or replaced. Driving on a flat tire even for a short distance will damage repaired.

Tire Rotation:

Heavy vehicles are uneven on all car tires. By regularly rotating the tires on their extended lifespan and uneven tire wear is avoided.