What is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan pink salt (HS) is the latest in salt technology. Most people know it as Himalayan salt, which is a very popular product. However, salt has changed over the years. Heralds of the new salt have changed the way we consume salt.

Salt was an essential component of ancient civilizations and often used to make bread, sauces, jellies, and more. Heralds of the new salt decided that it should be made into a tastier and healthier option. They developed the new salt, and several other new salts, all made from less processed minerals.

Heralds also looked to the sea and discovered that the sea contained much more salt than previously thought. New salts were created by using seawater, instead of mineral salt, and the Himalayan salt has recently become the hottest product.

The seas around the world contain very little sodium chloride (salt), and thus most of the sea salt is mined from the oceans. The oceans store sea water, so they are often cooler during the summer, and warm during the winter. These warm temperatures cause the water to evaporate, forming huge pools of salt, and slowly being collected by the tides. Sea salt is then dried into salt crystals, which are then processed to produce Himalayan salt.

Sea salt is important because it is very pure. It can't dissolve in water or oils, so you know that you're getting the best salt for your food. However, sea salt is hard to come by in other areas of the world. The salt is available from time to time, but the high price for the salt makes it hard to get. That's why a company that produces pure Himalayan salt is so popular.

Heralds of the newsalt noticed that sea salt was so simple to use, and so inexpensive, that people would often buy it to add to their own meals. Today, there are many companies that make Himalayan salt in bulk for business use.

The good thing about this type of salt is that it can't stick to your dishes or food. No need to toss it away like mineral salt! It doesn't build up in your stomach like refined table salt.

It dissolves in water, and as it is passed through your stomach, you're left with no unpleasant aftertaste. This is especially important in the home, where you want to avoid sodium in your meals.

Himalayan sea salt contains less sodium, magnesium, and other minerals, making it a healthy alternative to salt. Compared to table salt, it is a higher quality product.

Himalayan salt has been tested to have twice the absorbency, allowing it to do its job in absorbing flavor from other foods. Imagine trying to eat a bowl of soup with table salt and then eating a bowl of soup made from Himalayan salt?

It's not a bowl of soup, but it sure could be on your dinner plate! If you've been concerned about how much salt you're eating, Himalayan salt could change everything.

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