Lamination ID-Card Printers

Single-sided ID card printers are great for a broad selection of applications such as offices, schools, and membership applications.

Some single-sided printers provide field update modules which let you add dual-sided performance at a later date. These updates can ordinarily be self-installed on web site and add versatility to an own printer if your company’s needs change, however, it could be simpler and more economical to purchase a dual-sided printer from the start.

Laminating ID cards makes them even durable so that they could resist wear and tear from everyday usage. This extra layer of security also makes cards more difficult to tamper with, protecting against fake cards. You can Shop and Compare Dual-Sided ID Card Systems at online stores.


Many ID card printers use ribbons using overlay panels that provide a normal level of security without needing any extra supplies or equipment.

For higher degrees of durability and safety, some establishments laminate their cards using a laminating ID card printer. The lamination process operates by including a crystal clear picture into the card instantly after printing with a heated lamination module that’s attached to an ID card printer.

A lamination is an update option on a lot of higher-level ID card printers, and only a few printers give the choice of dual-sided lamination.

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