Implantable Birth Control For A Contraceptive That Works

If you are a woman and are keen to use some type of contraceptive, the birth control implant method is your best choice.

Types of contraceptives are very effective for the prevention of pregnancy and also being very well tolerated by the women who use it. You can browse to know more about implantable birth control devices.

Reported through studies conducted in women, found that four out of five were very satisfied with the type of birth control method.

One of the most common side effects from the use of this method is irregular menstrual bleeding along with periods that increased with duration of use.

Menstrual disorders are known to be very common, and in most situations is explained to women before they decided to use this type of contraception.

image of a woman holding an iud birth control device in her fingers

The implant is much like a fan-like arrangement and the size of a match stick. They are made of silicone rods and contain the hormone, known as levonorgestrel, which is also the active ingredient found in oral contraceptives.

This rod is inserted under the skin of the inner arm just above the elbow. Trunk release this hormone right into the user’s bloodstream. This method is known to be more than 98 percent effective in women who weigh less than 160 pounds.

One other device is intrauterine and this is a foreign body basically made of non-reactive plastic material and inserted directly into the woman’s uterus for pregnancy protection purposes.

There are other devices that use active chemicals like progesterone or even copper that will slowly release locally to help efficiency. This method of achieving the effect of birth control by preventing any new human life by implanting in the uterine lining.

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