What are Marijuana Clones?

In the majority of trustworthy situations, a replica is a rookie plant of authentic and analyzed genetics which will taste and return over the conventional assortment of some type of breed you choose.

When developing seed, it is very important to get a healthier genetic diversity throughout the cannabis genome as a whole, you are essentially buying a genetic lottery ticket. You understand your bud will be normally like its parents however there’s still a little bit of mystery to if mother or dad will probably be dominant.


This is sometimes the main element in things like taste and the return of marijuana you are going to receive in the long run. This is the reason if looking for phenotypes of a specific cross; learn growers may pop countless seeds of the exact same strain. You can navigate to https://oggnursery.com/marijuana-clones/ and find more information about marijuana clones.

Consider this clone as the primary ingredient for your masterpiece. The very same clones cut from precisely the exact same mother plant can come out really distinctive based on the design of growing, if it’s indoors or outdoors.

If you are just doing a few plants and do not need to risk some boys or poor phenotypes from your seeds, clones would be the thing to do for you.

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