A Simple Guide To Creating Great Meals With Black Truffle Salt

Black truffles are a luxury and highly sought after specialty spice as it instantly elevates a simple ordinary dish into a gourmet treat. It has always been popular since it contains real chunks of truffles to add to and blend well with sea salt. Black truffles have many health benefits aside from the yummy taste and delightful aroma. This type of salt was used during medieval times as a food seasoning due to its health benefits and medicinal attributes. Today, people continue to buy and use this salt for cooking and baking purposes.

The flavor of black truffle sea salt crystals is somewhat similar to that of nutmeg and cinnamon with a hint of Clary sage. It has a very rich, nutty, and woodsy flavor which is mostly dominated by a combination of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Some people may find it too spicy for their taste, but most would be very satisfied with its earthy flavor. Its uniqueness is what makes it a hit among many. It can go well with a variety of dishes.

Most often, salty snacks and meals are typically complemented with French fries and black truffles. In order to add this heavenly truffle flavor to your salty French fries, you must first prepare the aforementioned French fries. You can grill French fries on a pan or on the grill until they are almost smoking. When they are already done, sprinkle them with some oil and place them on the plate. Add a lot of butter to it, as this will further enhance the truffles' buttery and earthy flavor. Place a piece of cheese on top of the French fries while they are still warm.

Then sprinkle black truffle salt all over it. Let the mixture rest for at least thirty minutes before serving. You can also put it onto a salad or directly on the plate of your choice. This would be a fabulous addition to a cheese platter, sandwich, or chips.

Another great combination to match with black truffles is using them with scrambled eggs. There are many ways you can do it. First, you can simply place some black truffles on a slice of cheese then top with some scrambled eggs. Next, sprinkle some sea salt over the top. Lastly, drizzle some more cheese over it and serve immediately.

For a variation of this recipe, you can make a dish that is loaded with cheese, pepper, onions, mushrooms, chicken, sausage, chicken breast, etc. Spread out the prepared ingredients on a tortilla shell. Add black pepper and sea salt to the bottom. Over the top, add your favorite cheese. Before serving, sprinkle some more black pepper on top.

If you want to get a little fancier, try putting a little bit of Rosemary, thyme, or sage on the outer side of the shell. These herbs will enhance the flavor of your dish as well as providing some very nice smells to it. Sprinkle some more sea salt onto it and serve immediately. This one is sure to be a hit!

The wonderful thing about salt crystals is that they add a lot of flavor to foods. This is why it's so common to use them with meats, cheeses, seafood, or just about any other dish. When you pair a salty flavor with a rich flavor, the results can be amazing!

One of the best things about black truffle salt is that it goes great with French fries. You can soak French fries in salted water for an hour or two, and then fry them in butter. After you have cooked them thoroughly, drain them and set them aside. Now you just need to sprinkle some on each side of your hamburger buns and you're ready to go for the day!

If you enjoy bread or crackers, then these ingredients make for a fantastic combination as well. Mix together some bread chips and some coarse sea salt and then sprinkle them onto your baked potatoes. They'll be wonderful along with your black truffles. Baking with this combination always makes me feel like I'm eating a fresh loaf of French bread!

As you can see, there are so many ways that black truffle salt can be used in your kitchen. It also goes great in tortillas and other Mexican dishes because it works so well with cumin and salsa. So make sure you stock up on some as you begin to plan your next meal. I guarantee your taste buds will thank you!