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Don't minimize your actions for the sake of your life. Please don't try to forgive that there is something you can't do in your acting because you can't do it in your life.

Don't use your psychology as an excuse that there's nothing you can do about your art. Instead, use your acting skills to do what you can't do in everyday life. So on your way to hell with psychology.

Go to art. Are you interested in art and who knows – maybe psychology will improve. In your artwork, you can tie in whatever you think limits you. You can also look for acting classes in Wolverhampton via

Art isn't just for you, it's for your skills. This is a weird part of my classroom, but sometimes when a critical student offers personal fear or insecurity as the reason for the difficulty of the role, my answer here is, "Nobody cares. Nobody in it. There's no one in the other room. “

It sounds a little harsh, but sadly it's true. No one cares how your troubles limit your art or your life. It only matters to us when you turn issues like your fear or insecurity into Joan of Arc courage.

We care about how to solve this problem. It's possible that an actor less talented than you, but without reason for that particular problem, to rip off the section just below you and hand you over to the freeway.

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