6. Carrying out devotional serves significantly less than tough facts

6. Carrying out devotional serves significantly less than tough facts

Because demands significantly more sacrifices and has a much-interacting with feeling, the nice and you will devotional work performed in an atmosphere reigned over by the tyrants and you can taghuts is more worthwhile. Because pressures of outside ecosystem and you can natural intuition are likely so you can impede worship and you may servitude to Goodness, overcoming these types of demands and you will worshipping God is signposts of value and you can excellence. Within the praising the fresh upright believers, the Marvelous Qur’an says:

“For example deliver the texts away from Allah and you may anxiety Your, and you will concern not one person but Allah, and you can Allah suffices as the reckoner.”138

Yes, people that protect on their own and their religion (including the spouse off Pharaoh) in popularity out-of a keen oppressor, occupy a great loftier channel.

eight. Fervor and constancy

Having less fervor into the worship was a sign of hypocrisy (nifaq). This new Holy Qur’an denounces the lack of warmth of your own hypocrites (munafiqun).139 To the contrary, love and you can constancy in praise generates religious brilliance (kamal).

On hadiths, a small number of deeds which can be constant and you may regular are believed much better than an enormous level of devotional serves which happen to be accompanied by laziness, ennui and you may abandonment. Brand new Marvelous Qur’an guarantees advantages and you can numerous fortune on realm of knowledge and insights to people who happen to be firmly established to the right road.

8. Humility

Conceited anyone respect the acts away from worship since the great and you can tall where they damage its serves regarding praise. While the issue into brilliance away from praise is the fact that worshipper shouldn’t reckon their devotional acts as plentiful and become conceited. On the Makarim al-Akhlaq supplication, Imam as-Sajjad (as) for this reason pleads with God:

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cuatro.4. Architectural Picture Modeling and you may Hypothesis Assessment

cuatro.4. Architectural Picture Modeling and you may Hypothesis Assessment

cuatro.3. Convergent Authenticity and you can Discriminant Legitimacy

To look at the fresh convergent validity of your measurement measure, one or two chief symptoms come into play: average difference extracted (AVE) and you can composite precision (CR). According to Resource , the minimum property value AVE would be no less than 0.5. But not, if the CR are higher than 0.six, the minimum worth of AVE are going to be accepted as actually at the least 0.cuatro, however assuring the newest build convergent authenticity.

Dining table 4 portrays that prices and you will AVEs of all the points was higher than 0.5, and you can CR philosophy of the many points were a (> 0.7). Thus the convergent validities of all of the constructs was verified, while the reliability for all items and you can bits of the analysis design fully found the new conditions.

Dining table 4

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