How to plan for a fabulously gay retirement

How to plan for a fabulously gay retirement

If one of the gay retirement communities above isn’t accessible to you, look for an LGBT-friendly facility with a SAGECare certification.

It may be that you need or will eventually need more customized care. Then, it may be appropriate to consider assisted living.

LGBT assisted living typically offers 24/7 concierge service and may use outside vendors to deliver medical care and other needs.

The best time to start saving and blackpeoplemeet investing for retirement is always now. Too often, especially for LGBT people, we’re emotionally or physically ready to retire before we’re financially ready to retire.

If you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even early 50s, you have time on your side. If you’re older, it’s time to get serious.

1. Calculate your net worth (assets minus liabilities)

The first step in preparing for retirement, your goal, is knowing where you are today. To do that, you must know exactly how much money minus debt you have today.

First, total all your assets, including money saved for emergencies, money in individual retirement accounts (likely a Traditional or Roth IRA), company-sponsored retirement accounts (likely a 401(k) or 403(b)) and Health Savings Account or HSA and any other money and investments you have anywhere else.

Second, total all your liabilities and other debts, including money you owe friends and family, car loans, mortgage, home equity lines of credit on which you’ve drawn and own, student loans and any other money you owe anyone, including Uncle Sam.

Then, subtract your total debts and liabilities from your total assets. If this number’s negative or very low, meaning less than 25 times your projected annual expenses in retirement, you have some savings and investing to do before you can reasonably and comfortably retire by age 65. Continue reading “How to plan for a fabulously gay retirement”