Some students begin school with personal debt (non-student loans)

Some students begin school with personal debt (non-student loans)

Our office corresponds with you mainly through your UCSF email address. Please make sure to keep your email address updated.

We may also contact you by mail. Please check both mail and email regularly to ensure a quick response to any question we may have for you or for reminder notices from the Student Financial Services Office. Fast responses to requests for information may assist us in processing your application more quickly.

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Application Process – Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive information about registration from the Office of the Registrar. All questions regarding the registration process, tuition, and payment deadline should be directed to OAR at (415) 476-8280.

A leave of absence (LOA) must be approved by a student’s advisor. Students in satisfactory academic standing taking an LOA for less than one year (four consecutive quarters) can reenter the program in any subsequent quarter. For LOAs lasting more than one year, the Program Director must approve the student’s re-entry to the program. Once you are no longer a registered student, most student loans have a grace period during which loan payments are not due.

Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan and Direct Graduate PLUS will continue to accrue interest during the six month grace period, although no payments will be required. Continue reading “Some students begin school with personal debt (non-student loans)”