They secretly dislike homosexuals just as much!

They secretly dislike homosexuals just as much!

You to guy, this new “Jesus Dislikes Fags” boy exactly who operates this new protests filipinocupid Cena I mentioned straight back towards basic web page? Fred Phelps? Their chapel (Westboro Baptist) has become world-famous of these dickish demonstrations.

That’s unbelievable, as the “church” is made up totally out-of Phelps’ family and some family relations. That’s all. And perhaps they are world-famous, because these atheists looooooove to hold her or him right up as an example regarding just what cocks Christians is. When you require an icon of attitude, they have been as the beneficial to enjoys around while the Hitler.

And you may do not come on me to your, “Christians dislike Phelps as they discover he is saying out loud just what they have been secretly thought! “

Delight. New Light Home and you may Congress as well as the Finest Courtroom is actually complete regarding Christians, will have already been. There’d feel no body to prevent it.

You’ll find somebody you like who would never be alive in place of it

Smearing all Christians that have Phelps’ bile are an affordable sample, like saying most of the atheist schoolkids was prospective Columbine shooters. Continue reading “They secretly dislike homosexuals just as much!”