Demea begins the new discussion simply 10

Demea begins the new discussion simply 10

8.3 God’s Moral Properties

Trying to cut deal with off his previous drubbing, the guy shows that do not accept the newest facts from religion once the a result of cause, however, from what we feel facing exactly how helpless and you will miserable our company is. Religion will be based upon feelings of fear and anxiety you to definitely happen away from focus on the “imbecility and you will misery” (DCNR 10.1/68). Our forms of worship is attempts to appease unfamiliar vitality you to oppress and you will torment us.

an informed and indeed the only method away from taking group to help you a due feeling of religion is by only representations of your heartache and you will wickedness of men. (DCNR 10.2/68)

It go-ahead with a combined litany of your own agony and you will depression of people standing, topping both that have magazines off woes

Demea doesn’t realize Philo could possibly get imply completely different anything because of the “just symbol” and “owed sense of religion” than simply the guy do, therefore he fails to realize that Philo is egging your into the.

Philo holds that individuals can’t avoid the important points regarding state, famine, and you will pestilence, except because of the “apologies, hence nonetheless farther aggravate this new charge” (DCNR ). These types of apologies are theodicies-systematic tries to get together again God’s goodness on the lives from evil. Demea is even scornful of theodicies, blissfully unaware that every too early he will getting providing his very own.

Cleanthes fundamentally trips directly into say that the guy will not be oppressively stressed or unhappy, and you may dreams that anguish isn’t as preferred while they allege. Continue reading “Demea begins the new discussion simply 10”