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A commercial painting contractor provides a number of solutions to make sure that the exterior and interior walls of the building are preserved in the best possible way. Services include renovation and maintenance of existing buildings as well as new construction. Professional painters have experience dealing with a lot of problems that could affect walls. If you are looking for the best commercial painters in Vancouver, visit


1. Paint that peels away as a result of poor adhesion: This usually happens when multiple coats of paint are used. Additionally, this is an issue if there's a layer of primer under the top coating. The most common cause for peeling paint would be that the presence of moisture in the wall or even the use of inferior excellent paint. An experienced and trusted painter will always prepare the surface well before employing premium quality paint. 

2.Painted surface blisters: When the paint is put on a wet surface or a very hot surface, it loses adhesion, leading to bubbles or blisters. Some different methods for dealing with this difficulty involve adequately preparing the surface and also utilizing an exhaust fan to ventilate and dry the region. Paint should never be applied under the direct sun as it causes excessive warmth.

3. Boost of mildew on the wall: This results in black or brownish patches on the walls which are moist and are concealed from the sun. This normally happens when there's not sufficient fungicide from the paint to prevent the spread of mold. The painter must eliminate mold from a surface before painting on it. The region can be removed lightly by fixing the region with household bleach.

4. Deficiency of adhesion on galvanized surfaces: The paint placed on the galvanized metallic exteriors is peeled off before the rust coating surface is first removed. The painter also has to use a primer prior to coating the surface with vinyl latex or semi-gloss paint.

Commercial Painting – Common Paint Problems To Deal With