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Party rentals can make or break an event. Nobody likes or remembers a boring party. That is why you should take some time to figure out which party rental will entertain your guests without breaking your budget. I’m going to show you a few party rental ideas that will guarantee a memorable event.

Bounce houses: These are the inflatable “things” that are becoming more of a standard than a luxury at all types of parties. They also started off as a party rental for children, but are growing in popularity with all ages. There are many different types of bounce houses available.

You can see details and book ( which is also known as ” voir les détails et réserver ” in the french language ) inflatable games for rent.

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The main categories we see are your basic bounce house, combo units, slides, interactive/sports and obstacle courses. Your basic inflatable usually comes in two sizes; 13×13 and 15×15.

Of course, there are other sizes than that, but expect to see those sizes the most. These types of rentals are perfect for small children or events on a budget. The combo bounce houses are a little more expensive but provide more features. These are also perfect for older children and adults.

Typical features for combo units include a bouncing area, slide, climbing or crawling obstacle, and basketball nets. These types of rentals are perfect for any age group. Next, you have the option of an inflatable slide. Although the only feature on most slides is obviously the slide, children absolutely love these rentals. You can find basic slides or ones that have sharks, dinosaurs, and even ones that replicate the Titanic.

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