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iTunes gift cards available in the market are a dime a dozen. Cards can be accessed in a variety of ways, either directly from a particular site or from a link that is posted on a reliable site. The thing to note as with all other downloads is that this must be the original version and not a fake that will let you down. iTunes gift cards should also be free from the virus as a word of warning though anti-virus should be switched on.

This card can be accessed by signing up to a different site that may offer them as an incentive or by logging on to any that may be offering different avenues to redeem the points. The more exciting way to earn free iTunes gift cards is simply by playing games. You can hop over to trusted reward sites like and play games for gift cards.


The best way to get iTunes gift card will be to take part in the survey which then allows you to get a card. Such sites are not only legal but they do not require any personal information aside from your e-mail address so they can send the codes for the card to you. This is a great way to get an iTunes gift card as both you and the artist whose music you have downloaded win.

The benefit to the artist is that they earn the commission for the songs that you have chosen. This is a quick and easy way to get the card and it is clean and free of viruses and so on. In 20 minutes, the survey is over and the client is free to enjoy their music. iTunes make the iPod experience even more interesting and the higher the quality of the download the better.

Get the Free iTunes Gift Cards