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In recent months, the trend toward "greener" – living ecologically – appears to have established itself in the American mainstream. However, there are several companies that have started promoting environmentally friendly cleaning products. Tissue paper and toilet paper made from recycled paper appeared on store shelves. 

As a practical retailer, it seems too expensive or difficult to keep up with the green trend. You care about the environment but don't have the time to install solar panels, plant roof grass, or save water with fantastic plumbing. However, "going green" can be as simple as changing the bag you are using.

Improve Your Image:

Think about how many shopping bags pass through your door each day. Dozens? Hundreds? By switching to eco-friendly printed bags manufactured by several companies like Copackinc, you can help the environment and stand out as an eco-friendly retailer. Like businesses, consumers are starting to see the environmental benefits of an organic lifestyle. 

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Claiming that your company is "green" is one thing. With every personalized printed bag that leaves your store, you are showing your commitment to the environment.

An eco-friendly choice for custom printed bags

Paper bags usually first come to people's minds when people think of eco-friendly bags. Paper has definitely built a good reputation over the years. Paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable, which makes them an excellent choice for environmental traders.

Several suppliers regularly offer paper bags with 30 to 50 percent recycled content at no additional cost. If you decide to include 100 percent recycled paper in your custom printed bag, talk to your bag supplier about the options. Furthermore, there is also a fact that these 100% recycled refill bags cost a little more.

Going Green – Eco-Friendly Custom Print Bag Options For Retailers