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For some people, it can be just a dull ache in the lower back that only happens when standing for a long time or sitting for a long time. For some people, it can be a sharp pain that was triggered by a simple act of bending over or getting out of the car. Many remedies are touted as back pain therapy, but which one is the best and safest option?

How and why it happens could be a mystery, but what is known is that having pain in the back is not a nice experience. Statistics show that 80% of adults will experience bad backache at least once during their lives. This high percentage is understood once we know how the back works.

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The spinal column is made up of 24 small bones. These bones sit one on top of the other to form the spinal column, which holds us uprights. Our hold body is supported and resists the forces of gravity by the spinal column.

The lower back is at a particular mechanical disadvantage as it is always the fulcrum point when we lift heavy things incorrectly. But it also takes the strain in many of our everyday activities such as walking, twisting, bending, and lifting. Combine this with de-conditioned muscles, arthritic joints, and poor posture and you have a recipe for lower back pain.

Helpful Tips About Back Pain Therapy
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