Home Hair Laser Removal



The only people that are qualified to use the home hair laser removal are the ones with fair skin and dark hair. It does not work on white, red, light brown, or blond hair. It is important to know that people with a tan can not use it as well as the laser will have a problem picking up the dark hair. You can also get the best laser hair removal service in Ontario.

After hours of research I found out that if used properly very few side affects can occur, and if they do they are very rare. But it is advisable to do a sample on a small part of the skin and watch it for a few days to make sure nothing happens, as some side affects, though rare, could be permanent.


Some side affects are:

– Hyper pigmentation (darkening of the skin) – very rare, but can be long lasting or permanent.

– Hypo pigmentation (lightening of the skin) – again very rare, but could be permanent.

– Blistering, scarring – very rare.

– Change is the skin texture – very rare.

– Crusting or scabbing – if it does happen, it is only temporary.

Home hair laser treatments do cost a lot, in my opinion, everyone is different. It is still a much cheaper alternative to having a professional treatment.

The prices always vary on home hair laser removal systems. Already Tria and Silk'n came down from $800.00 to $600.00. But the prices are not guaranteed as there are always ups and downs in retail industry. You will find that some companies offer payment plans.

One thing to remember if thinking about purchasing the unit is that after a while you will need to get replacement bulbs, which are pretty pricey, some run as high as $75 each!