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With a configurator, you can differentiate your product from potential customers by clearly tailoring it to their needs without showing the impact you have on each individual product. By allowing potential users to use the configurator to select specific functions for their applications, you can easily generate price inquiries and give the impression that you have sold a standard product.

To learn more about '3D configurators like What it is and how it can be useful?' (also known as 'Configurateur 3D: c’est quoi et en quoi peut-il tre utile?' in the French language) you can browse the internet sources.

Product configuration

With a configurator product, the customer can choose the option that really suits his needs and wants. By using rules and restrictions, the rules for production, production and design can be used so that the customer can only select available products from a production engineering point of view.

Best Practices RCP make product configuration:: Modular Min

Multilevel configuration

A multilevel configuration is a combination of a sales and product configuration. Sales configuration guides your sales team or customer through a needs analysis leading to a limited selection of product configurators. Optimal in one. After the first "sale" of the original model, the correct version is selected with the appropriate product configurator.

Converting a customized product into a standard product has the following advantages:

Standard goods are considered to have a much less risk

If the product you are purchasing meets your needs 100 per cent, would you like to consider a custom product or a product that sounds standard?

Standard articles contain tested opinions on websites about reliable products that are not so many separate articles for each case.

How A Configurator Help You To Differentiate Your Product