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Certainly, bariatric surgery is among the best improvements in weight reduction, and since the operation has evolved, surgeons have established more noninvasive procedures to boost its efficacy and improve patient comfort throughout the procedure.

Most notably among these improvements is a laparoscopic operation, where rather than a long incision throughout the abdomen, five smaller incisions have been made and the surgeon uses a laparoscope or little camera. You can choose the best bariatric surgery clinic through the internet.

Weight loss or fat loss? What it means and what you should know - Times of India

To determine while doing the process. Various studies have revealed that bariatric surgery patients that experience a laparoscopic approach do better in their own healing compared to those who've open incisions during operation.

How Is SILS Different from Older Methods?

SILS is the latest advancement in bariatric surgery. It improves upon laparoscopic silicone banding procedures like the LAP-BAND and procedures like the sleeve gastrectomy. Before defining what SILS is, it helps to know a little background about bariatric surgery.

When bariatric surgery first emerged and even at some clinics today, it is fairly common to use a single, long, "open" incision along the abdomen so the surgeon can easily maneuver when altering the stomach.

This technique has a few disadvantages, namely that the long incision makes the recovery lengthier and more painful.

The next innovation was performing bariatric surgery by making several smaller incisions and using a laparoscope to see inside the patient and visualize the surgical area.

How Bariatric Surgery Is Best?