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There is one big problem with email which is called phishing. This is where a fraudulent email is sent to someone trying to reveal their username and password or worst but real money.

Most phishing emails look exactly like the service, bank, or organization you received the email from. The concept is that you are more likely to open the email from such services you are used to receiving email from. This means you are more likely to come for phishing schemes via MailSafi Email Security.

Phishing emails are on the rise - How can you protect yourself? - WITI

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The best way to protect yourself is to get in the habit of never clicking on links in emails. This means if you have a problem with your bank account and need to sign in to resolve the issue, if you have a problem with your bank account, please do not click this link. In general, this is a phishing attempt. Instead, open your browser and enter your bank's domain and log in that way. You don't need to do this from an email link.

Avoiding phishing attempts is one thing, but you can actually fight it. Some browsers have safe browsing tools such as Firefox. When someone comes across a phishing link, they are warned that the website is potentially dangerous. Most people immediately hit the back button because they were afraid they might land on a bad page.

In fact, you can report this link to help others. While you may find that relationships are bad, other people may not know what phishing is and continue to fall in love with these scams. Firefox allows you to report pages that you know are phishing attempts. The more this page is reported, the more people will be notified. The fewer people who fall in love, the less money the cheaters get.

How To Protect Yourself Against Email Phishing