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The variety of blenders available surprises many first-time buyers who may have thought that a blender is a blender! The truth is that there is actually quite a bit of variation in the blender and that most of what you read is pure marketing. The best approach is to buy a blender from quality manufacturers.

Blenders from a good maker should have the power for tough jobs like crushing ice and should be built well to last you many years. Do not be fooled by the blender with 10 to 15 buttons and settings: a blender with settings for Off, Low and High Power is probably just as good and has fewer parts which may break over time.

There is a wide variety and designs are endless when it comes to buying a blender. You can simply go for a portable juice blender to make healthy drinks and smoothies at home or anywhere as it's portability allows you to bring it to everywhere you go and enjoy your favourite drinks.

If you are also interested in making juice from fruits and vegetables, there is a new type of product emerging that combines the best parts of the blender and juicer into once device. Instead of buying and storing the devices, you can buy a single combination device and save space on your desk or in your closet.

The downside is that the device may not be as good at blending or juicing as a standalone device, but this may be okay for you based on space and cost savings. High-quality blenders have the potential to last you for years. I personally use stainless steel blender bought in 1960 and it still works great. It may be more robust and reliable than many blenders made just today!

Ideas For Blenders to Add to Your Kitchen
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