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Preparing the body surface is your first important step. In conclusion, the foundation of everything that follows your car painting project. You can look at Spies Hecker products to give your car a new look.

If you don't do this first step correctly, everything you do after that is just a waste of time. No amount of paint or clear coat covers up imperfections and other surface imperfections that you point out as a basis for the repainting process.

The first thing you need to do is prepare with patience and thoroughness to create the perfect foundation for your own painting.

Professional artists spend 95% of their energy and time painting cars to prepare surfaces. Only this tells you clearly and simply where you really need to concentrate your best efforts and where to put the lessons. Applying paint coats and transparent coats is quick and easy. However, preparing the surface of your car for this paint application is the most important aspect of painting your own car.

The auto painting consists of a series of tasks that must be carried out carefully and carefully, otherwise, all your attempts will fail. If you perform these tasks carefully and completely, all these stages will produce super paint for your car, a professional-quality paint that will challenge amateurs to understand the difference. The paint sticks firmly to the surface and paintwork will continue for many years.

Therefore, it is important to remember that non-standard processing at any stage will destroy the whole painting. You need to make sure that you complete every stage of the painting process as perfectly as possible. If you get really confused by the scene and most people do, go back and repeat until you got it right.

Learn to Paint Your Car From Home!
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