What are the benefits of eating meat?

 Pure meat. Commercial poultry is washed with highly chlorinated water and leaves a residue on the meat. You can buy delicious Sausages from various online sources.

Healthier chickens, which results in healthier meat. In the early 1930s, it was discovered that the buttocks and nipples only affected the health of chickens dramatically, so that no eggs or chickens died. When chickens are expelled to eat insects and seeds and allowed to run around other than the grains, they have normal eggs and the chickens breed.

• Balancing the essential fats in your diet is easy to do when grazing because they contain more omega-3s than chicken.

• Poultry contains more vitamins E, C, and beta-carotene.

• Does not contain hormones, antibiotics, or drugs.

• Does not contain arsenic. Commercial poultry feed on traces of arsenic in their diet. It was a poison that stimulated their appetite. Traces of arsenic can be found in meat.

• The meat is better. Just ask the chefs of high-end restaurants. They pay more for chicken and other meats because they like to cook with them and their demand is high.

Look for local producers, ranchers, and ranchers who herd the birds or let them roam. Find out where your food is coming from and enjoy the nutritional benefits of grazing poultry.