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Developing talent to step into leadership roles takes time, and employees must be screened and vetted properly before capital investments are made to channel them into the organization's leadership development program. You can also look for the best talent enhancement company for your business.

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Some strategic areas to look at when considering employees for your leadership development program are:

1. Capacity: Does the applicant possess the capacity to learn and have they shown a wiliness to learn new knowledge and information?

2. Tenacity: Has the applicant shown that they can follow through with projects, seeing them to the end, and is there an uncanny ability to stick it out, while others may quit?

3. Dependability: Is the applicant dependable; can you count on them? Availability is nothing without dependability.

4. Loyalty: Will the applicant remain loyal to the program and, are they committed to remaining with the organization for an agreed-upon period of time, as a way of showing their appreciation for the capital investment the organization has made in them?

5. Positive Mental Attitude: Does the applicant possess a positive, can-do attitude, and can they remain positive throughout the entire training. Can you count on them becoming an evangelist for the program?

6. Going the Extra Mile: Has the applicant demonstrated that they are willing to go the extra mile on any given assignment, and can you count on their wiliness to do whatever it takes to complete the project.


An effective, well throughout leadership development program will go a long way in producing first-class leaders within your organization.

Talent Development: Building First-Class Leaders
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