The Difference Between Black Truffles and Sea Salt

Black truffles are a variety of the cheese fungus that grows on dead, decaying or broken-down organic matter. They are found in areas with very low humidity and cold temperatures.

It thrives in moist and dark places that are inaccessible to the other fungi, so it is said that the taste of truffles is inversely proportional to the amount of moisture that they are exposed to. Thus, they are not really dark, but rather they are just like the mushrooms that have very dark spots in them.

The most common method of harvesting truffles is through their grinding. It is considered a quite expensive process because this process does not have any guarantee that the desired product will be obtained. As a result, farmers are turning to alternate methods such as black truffle salt to preserve the quality of their products.

Truffles can be harvested from their fruiting bodies in two ways, namely by hand and through the use of electric devices. The harvesting process is usually done using certain equipment that help in removing the dark spots or discoloration of the pungent substance inside the fruit.

One of the equipments that help farmers in the process of cutting down the visibility of the dark spots are light control boxes. This is a device that has a light that illuminates certain areas of the brownish substance that are up to a few inches away from the box.

Because of the complexity involved in the harvesting process, farmers tend to buy black truffle sea salt. This salt is normally prepared through grinding the mushrooms.

The different kinds of black truffles include natural black truffles, which are produced by wild fungi, and the black truffle sea salt, which are madeby using this naturally occurring substance. The former kind is very rare and the latter is very abundant, and therefore, most farmers prefer the latter over the former.

Natural black truffles are made from a puree that has not been processed in any way. They can be harvested by hand, using a fork and knife, in some parts of Italy.

The black truffle sea salt is prepared using a standard blender. Since it is made using black truffles, the sea salt is rich in magnesium and copper that is why it is better for the skin.

The final difference between these two varieties of truffles is that the sea salt has a more intense flavor. Those who are trying to experience the true flavor of the fungi should try black truffle sea salt.

In some regions of Italy, people are able to buy only natural black truffle sea salt. But in other regions, people are allowed to also buy artificial black truffle sea salt.

There are also some chefs in Italy, who are serving sea salts that contain no real truffles. However, it is still the best option for those who want to taste the real taste of the fungus.