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Were you aware that the quantity of copper theft perpetrated is intrinsically tied into the condition of the market? From the present fiscal climate, a number are turning to the kind of crime that consequently raises the theft of ac units.

Fixed air con units are targeted, with burglars trying to market to the gear in addition to the aluminum pipework attached to it. Air conditioners as well as their related pipework can contain substantial quantities of aluminum, which makes them especially attractive to burglars. For a better experience, you can get in touch with the commercial air conditioning services in Kurri Kurri, NSW.

Just how do you protect your components from damage and theft?

Safety Cages

This is definitely the clearest solution and it may be a really effective one. Many businesses provide a selection of high-strength steel safety cages that provide a strong physical deterrent. If thieves try to take out the cage, then the sound caused and additional time required to eliminate it ought to make prospective villains think twice.

Security cages may be fitted to existing systems or installed as a member of a new installment. They supply robust and cost-effective protection against thieves and vandals.

Pipework Damage Protection

The pipework used on air-conditioner components is often made from aluminum and so demonstrates an appealing target for thieves. Quality ac contractors will counsel on safe procedures of routing pipework to help discourage undesirable attention.

But occasionally exposed pipework is inevitable. In cases like this, the fitting of steel pipework protection covers supplies another layer of safety around the precious copper; which makes the prospect of resisting the pipework not as appealing.

The Way To Secure Your Air Conditioning Investment
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