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Various types of chemicals are used for laboratory and industrial purposes. Chromic acid is one of the chemicals that is widely used to clean glasses in the laboratory. In addition to cleaning the jars of laboratories, this acid is used to produce wood preservatives. It is also used in chrome coating processes. You can also buy quality industrial chemicals for sale in bulk at Camachem.

Other Types of Industrial Chemicals

Stearic acid

Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid with a wide variety of uses. It is used as an ingredient in industrial, cosmetics and food products. It is mainly extracted from different types of oils, animal fat and vegetable fat.

This acid is basically used to make candles as it can strengthen the candles by hardening the wax. It also helps to improve the consistency and durability of the candles.

It is also widely used in the production of soaps. It is seldom used as a primary ingredient as it lacks solubility and therefore it is used as an additive. The acid is also used in shampoos to obtain a pearly consistency.

Citric acid

This type of acid is naturally found in citrus fruits like lemon, orange and lime. It is used for a wide variety of purposes. The acid can be used as a cleaning agent as it helps to dissolve hard water stains.

It also helps to remove stains from copper and brass. It is widely used in shampoos and soaps as it is a natural anti-oxidant. It is used in facial creams and lotions as it helps to repair the skin.

Types of Chemicals Used For Industrial Purposes