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Do you have dark skin on your body that you wish you could lighten? Are you suffering from hyperpigmentation on the face or other areas of the body? If you fall into either of these categories then kojic acid soap may be a potential solution. 

So why would you consider using kojic acid soap over other kojic acid products?

If you are only interested in using kojic acid on your face then it makes much more sense to get a serum or cream because it's easier to manage and you don't need quite as much. Why is that? It's because kojic acid serums and creams tend to have a stronger and higher percentage of kojic acid when compared to kojic acid soaps. You can also buy kojic acid soap online.

So if you have a large surface area of the body that you are trying to lighten then it just makes sense to use soap. 

Soap can more easily be placed on the entire body (if that's your preference) or even over large areas of the body such as your chest, arms, legs or intimate areas. 

Who should use kojic acid soap?

  • Those who want to lighten a large surface area of their body (more than just their face)
  • Those who want to lighten underarms, neck area, and intimate areas (such as the anus and genitals) of the body (creams and serums may not be appropriate for these areas due to other ingredients)
  • Those who are on a budget! (Kojic acid soap is generally cheaper than serums and creams)
  • Those with sensitive skin who don't tolerate stronger kojic acid products
Use Kojic Acid Soap and Does This Soap Really Work?