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Being noticed at a crowded trade show is not always easy. Some trade shows take place in huge convention centers or outdoor fields that stretch for acres and if all you have is a folding table and chairs the chances of people flocking to your booth are slim.

Trade shows are very competitive when it comes to generating buzz and grabbing attention and if you’re not prepared to promote your business you could be in for a long day. One suggestion for developing interest in your brand or business is to use high quality, colorful and creative inflatable products that will do the promotion for you.

You can rent inflatable bouncy castle at ( which is also known as ” louer château gonflable at ” in the french language ).

balls inflatable structure / structure gonflable avec des balls

Depending on the space you’ve rented there are a number of inflatable products that can be used to help promote your company and draw in visitors. Some companies will take up a lot of space while smaller businesses have to work in tighter areas but each has opportunities for creative inflatables that can be custom designed to show off your company logo and slogan.

A simple but effective inflatable tool that can be used by anyone is an inflatable tent or kiosk. When you attend a trade show as a presenter you are usually given a table in a numbered section that designates your space.

There will be limits to what you can do and how much power you can use but with an inflatable tent all you need is a dependable blower to inflate the kiosk and then you are good to go. Inflatable tents give your company a colorful and eye-catching display that acts not only as a point-of-sale but also as a creative billboard that will be hard to miss.

If you are planning on setting up at an outdoor festival and want to make a splash, consider using fun and amusing inflatable slides, obstacle courses and sports games.

Keeping the interest of people at a trade show can be hard. With so many vendors competing for attention it can be difficult convincing people to stick around your booth but when you have exciting games for people to play including giant sumo wrestling and bungee races it’s easier to keep the attention focused on your business.

Using Inflatables for Trade Shows